The river Sindh of the lineages of the Profound view,
The Extensive Conduct and the Blessed Practice
Together with the river Ganges of the True Realization lineage
Merge into the ocean of Nyam-mey Gampopa.

Once again through the stream of his principle son (Dro-goen Phagmo Drupa),
It flows forth into the reservoir of the vast and profound intention
of the Venerable (Palden Taklung Thangpa.)

This system is the bathing chamber to cleanse the impurities of the three realms,
Which consists of the white Baydurya-gem pool of immaculate morality,
And is filled with pure water of eight characteristics of generation and completion stage.
Adorned is it with myriad of white lotuses of enlightened deeds.
It is the source of joy for all the water-birds like fortunate beings.
This is the tradition of Taklung Kagyud.